Continuous Integration the Light Way

fast · lightweight · open source · self-hosted

Laminar frontend on a tablet and a smartphone

Less is more

Laminar helps you automate and track jobs, and presents the results in a simple and clear interface.

Laminar encourages leveraging existing tools in your Linux environment rather than reinventing the wheel.

No clicky web UIs that churn out unreadable XML, no assumptions about your source control or build system; just write a script and Laminar will execute it.


Learn to setup and master Laminar: User Manual


Debian 9 (Stretch) & 10 (Buster): amd64 binaries available on releases page
CentOS 7 & 8: x86_64 binaries available on releases page
Armbian 9 (Stretch) & 10 (Buster): armhf binaries available on releases page
Arch Linux PKGBUILD available in the AUR

Source code available on GitHub
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