Continuous Integration the Light Way

fast · lightweight · open source · self-hosted

Laminar frontend on a tablet and a smartphone


Less is more

Laminar tracks your automated jobs. And that's all it does. No clumsy configuration GUIs, no source-control or build system lock-in.

Laminar's web frontend is a simple and clean design that looks great on all devices.

Laminar's backend is a super-light service written in C++ that encourages leveraging the underlying Linux system rather than reinventing the wheel.

Full Control

If you need continuous integration, you already have sysadmin-foo. You're tired of click-heavy web UIs which churn out unreadable XML config files.

Job configuration is completely handled by your (probably version-controlled) scripts, along with all necessary environment variables and a command-line client application to control execution. This keeps you in control without introducing bloat.

Self-Hosted and Open Source

Stay in control of your build infrastructure and freely customize Laminar to suit your needs.

Graph showing timeline of build results


Learn to setup and master Laminar: User Manual

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